America’s Newest and Fastest Growing “Religion”

By Evangelist Paul Mershon


“As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving. Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power” (Colossians 2:6-10).


It has been a few years since I have had opportunity to speak on the deception and dangers of dominion theology. When preaching for a prophecy conference some years ago, I addressed the unscriptural nature of dominion theology and how to define and identify this heresy. And please let me say that this material is not expressly about politics, it’s about doctrine.


Great care must be taken on the part of God's people that the political process, political personalities, or party affiliation and politics not be exalted above the Lord Jesus Christ.  Even the founding documents of our great nation must never be held in higher esteem than the Word of God, "which liveth and abideth for ever."  I have seen many of God's people enter into a fervent political activism in recent years that has instituted behavior that at times borders on idolatry.  One saddened and discouraged pastor felt it necessary to remind his congregation that their favorite political personality was not Lord - that Jesus Christ alone is Lord.  It is good to carefully and cautiously support good and decent public figures, but not to the point of idolatry.  This brings me to a serious question as to whether we are seeing a new cult mentality forming in America centered around seeking the answers to the nation's spiritual and social ills in the arena of secular politics.  It is my humble judgment that political activism may be the newest, and fastest growing "religion" in America!   It is certainly being pursued with the same zeal and fervor once associated with the "old-time religion" alone. 


The answer for America, as well as God's people, is repentance and a Holy Ghost revival.  We cannot expect the political or legislative process to accomplish what only God can do in the hearts and minds of men.  Our dependence upon government and the political system in America has proven to be entirely futile as we see the nation slip further and further into the depths and dregs of sin and depravity no matter who is in power.  It is time for our national, state, county, and city leaders to fall on their faces before a holy and righteous God and seek Him.  It's time for God's people to return unto Him with broken and repentant hearts.  


Just about every Marine I have met over the years loves the Corps, and is fiercely faithful to it and to the nation.  "Semper Fidelis" - "Always Faithful."  Amen!  I personally hold the United States Marine Corps in very high esteem. Few men I know have as much love and dedication to the Corps as does Evangelist Chuck Cofty, Major, USMC, retired.  But Brother Cofty has for his ministry motto, "Holding the Cross Higher than the Corps!"  That certainly keeps things in their proper perspective, and demonstrates the right priority for a servant of the Lord.  In contrast to Brother Cofty's devotion to the Lord, holding Him in greater esteem than his esteem for the Corps, Lt.Gen. Lewis B. (Chesty) Puller once told a group of Marines they should never place anything before the Corps, not wives, nor children, nor sometimes even God.  The Corps came first above all other relationships was "Chesty's" counsel.  I can understand this man's love and devotion to that organization he served so well for so many years, but to place anything above and before God is tantamount to a form of idolatry and institution-worship.  We would do well to remember Exodus 20:3.  "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."  In like manner, I believe we can enter into the same error as General Puller when we place any institution, political or otherwise, or any particular personage before Almighty God.   


This reconstructionist aberration has sneaked up on God’s people almost entirely unnoticed. Dominion theology is rarely if ever discussed in various circles of fundamentalist Christian circles because many do not even know what it is and how it has affected the thinking of many.  So what I have endeavored to share in the treatise I am offering to those friends who are interested is shared in love, not with a contentious spirit nor for the sake of ruffling feathers or engendering a spirit of debate. I merely wish to provoke my fellow believers to thought about a danger that has found its way into our churches as a challenge to sound eschatological teaching, a sound understanding of prophecy, and even a challenge to evangelism and the fulfilling of the Great Commission. There is a danger of the very mission of the local New Testament church being challenged and subtly changed as God’s people are distracted by an inordinate attention to the political as opposed to the spiritual. Well-meaning good men who love the Lord and love this great nation of ours have had their worldview changed to the degree that what the Word of God has to say about the last days and the end of the age is being set aside for the temporal as opposed to the eternal. It is my view that patriotic Christians who love our country as I do are being deceived and unwittingly sidetracked by something that can and will neutralize. Please do understand that I am a patriotic Christian of the decidedly conservative stripe who loves and cares deeply for my country. But even so, my motto for years has been, “Holding the Faith Higher than the Flag.” I am an “Original Intent Constitutionalist” and have a deep respect for our founding documents and those men who founded, formed, and shaped the Republic as it once was and no longer is today in this time of declension, a declension to which even professing Christendom has contributed. But with that said, the founding documents are not “sacred writ” and do not replace the Word of God. It is God’s Word, and God’s Word alone that stands supreme and is the authority for all that we do and must be as the children of God.

True patriotism and love of country is natural and attendant to the heart full of gratitude for the blessing of living in this great and wonderful country of ours. But even so, this blessed nation in which we live is only a temporary abode for the child of God. This place is not our eternal home nor is America the Kingdom of God. Having served this great nation of ours for many years in the United States Navy, I have made an investment in my country, willing if necessary to lay down my life  in defense of this land that is my land and that is your land. I would have done so without the slightest hesitation. But the greatest investment to be made by the child of God has eternal value as we engage in heavenly preparation. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness” is the biblical imperative for God’s people. We must continually remind ourselves that Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

Over the years I have been deeply disturbed and greatly concerned that some good and well-intentioned folks within independent Baptist circles of fellowship have been influenced by reconstructionism in one form or another. The adherents to the reconstructionist movement are wide and varied. Even though birthed by a Calvinist apologist by the name of Rousas John Rushdoony, there are advocates from a wide range of groups to include charismatics and Pentecostals. Though I know, and am assured by Scripture that reconstructionism is pure heresy that will come to naught, yet my concern is that there have been those independent Baptists who have been sucked into this false teaching and have become side-tracked and distracted by it. It behooves us to take a close look at dominionism in light of the Word of God, comparing spiritual with spiritual, that we understand more fully just how dangerously insidious this thing can be. For several years now I have been sounding a warning to my pastor friends to beware of the reconstructionist movement (dominion theology) as I have seen this heretical aberration making further inroads amongst independent Baptists, especially due to the rise of neo-conservatism and the so-called “religious right.”


As I recently wrote in a Facebook post, Jerry Falwell’s “Moral Majority” signaled the beginning of a new era of political activism within professing Christendom that initiated a downward spiritual trend from which we have never recovered. Though now defunct, nonetheless this movement opened the doors for an unprecedented era of religio-political activity that has swept the nation’s churches and dulled the spiritual senses. There has been an exponential transfer of God-dependence to man-dependence. I am moved to tears when I think of how drastically independent Baptists have been influenced by reconstructionism, dominion theology, and doctrinal heresies that have their roots in post-millennialism. There is no question that all of this spiritual distraction has a satanic component associated with it. There is no question that religio-political activism has been a revival killer of great proportions. A growing number of God’s people seem to have their eyes turned towards the earthly plane and no longer have that upward look of holy expectation nor are they as eternity-minded as they once were. This is indeed tragic. Many are looking to political solutions to spiritual problems.


Before continuing on with these thoughts, please understand that I am in no way opposed to Christians having a voice in governmental or political affairs. On the contrary. I believe we who name the precious Name of Jesus must have a voice. I think it good and right that we pray for our elected officials and for all in authority. We should encourage those who represent us by letting them know that we pray for them. If we are opposed to something, then let the redeemed of the Lord say so in a proper forum with a right spirit. When possible we should visit our elected representatives. I believe that God’s people ought to have a holy influence on the society in which we live through our testimony. We must stand up for our biblical convictions, and we must stand up for liberty and justice in a day where government has forgotten its place as servant to and of the people as a representative entity. Last I checked it is still “We the People!” It is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” As a patriotic Christian I see it as my duty to take a stand for the Word of God and righteousness when those elected to serve me do not do so in a constitutional manner whereby the Christian principles this nation was founded upon are not being upheld. At the same time it must be understood that America has the government she has today as a matter of judgment for her collective sin. If America is to be saved she will be saved, not by imposing Dominionist Thenonmy (Theonomy, from theos [god] and nomos [law], is the idea that Mosaic law should be observed by modern societies and imposed by force when and if necessary), but by way of a powerful, sweeping, sin-purging, purifying Holy Ghost revival that must begin with God’s people (II Chronicles 7:14 – I Peter 4:17). The saving Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer for a lost world. The Great Commission is not a call to theonomy or to political activism, but a call to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).


Reconstructionism is a Calvinist Theonomic movement founded by the late Orthodox Presbyterian minister, philosopher, missionary, and homeschool advocate, Rousas John Rushdoony. As would be true of most, if not all Reconstructionists, Rushdoony was postmillennial in doctrine, and espoused the pre-suppositional apologetics of hardcore Calvinist Cornelius Van Til. Under the tenets of theonomy the following would be realized:

The Church is destined to fulfill the covenant mandate given at creation because it is empowered by the Holy Spirit. The goal of the Church could be stated in the following ways: the "Cultural Christianization" of the world; "to conquer the whole world for Jesus Christ"; "to work toward the creation of a one-world Christian order"; "the complete social transformation of the entire world"; "world dominion under Christ's lordship, a 'world takeover'"; "to impress heaven's pattern on earth"; to "take authority over the nations with the applied rule of Christ Jesus"; and to establish a "Christocracy."

The Christianization of culture involves the transformation of every nation into a Christian nation; every national government must be converted to an alliance with Christ -- a theocratic republic -- through the subjection of its structures to Christ's rule. Every other sphere of society ("self, family, institutional church, business/vocations, private associations") must be conformed to the rule of Christ. According to Reconstructionism . . . Christians must take over the rule of every sphere of society; this means that Christians must be political and social activists; and as Christians take over the rule of the world, they must subject every sphere of society to the Biblical law found in the Old Testament, especially all the moral and civil aspects of the Mosaic Law that God gave to Israel at Mount Sinai.

The reconstructed society will regard dissenters and heretics as treasonous criminals at war with the law and society . . . . (Copied)

This almost sounds like Islamic Sharia Law with all of its forced repression.

Understanding the roots and doctrinal heresies associated with Reconstructionism, it is difficult to understand just why those independent Baptists who say they are pre-tribulational and premillennial in doctrine would buy into Reconstructionism in any form. The recent increase in political activism on the part of some well-meaning independent Baptist leaders has been a catalyst for involvement with Reconstructionism in one form or another, sometimes without realizing they are joining ranks unknowingly with the Reconstructionists.

Staunch Calvinist Gary North, son-in-law of Rousas John Rushdoony, targeted three specific groups into which he felt Reconstructionism could be most easily introduced and inculcated. The independent Baptist movement was one of those groups targeted, and with a measure of success.


The homeschool movement in America has been particularly vulnerable to Reconstructionist ideas and philosophies. Presbyterian Bill Gothard, disgraced and disenfranchised former leader of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), is a Reconstructionist who had a major influence on thousands via his homeschool program (Advanced Training Institute – ATI).


Former Governor Mike Huckabee, onetime Baptist pastor, rock ‘n roll enthusiast, rock musician (bass guitarist in the band “Capital Offense”), former contender for the Republican party presidential nomination, and former Fox TV personality, is a close friend of Mr. Gothard and a Reconstructionist. He is not alone within the ranks of neo-conservative personalities.


Rand Paul is a Republican libertarian with leanings towards Reconstructionism. This seems contradictory for a libertarian. He has become the darling of a growing number of independent Baptists who, though well-meaning, are being lured into the Dominion Theology sphere via the smoke and mirrors rhetoric of the Reconstructionist crowd.


Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is a Reconstructionist (Dominionist). She has been identified with a Dominionist organization known as Joel’s Army.


The late Dr. D. James Kennedy, former pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Baptist Church, was a thorough-going Reconstructionist (Dominionist). Very popular amongst ne-cons and other conservative political groups, Dr. Kennedy had a large measure of influence on both fundamentalists and evangelicals alike.


Former President George W. Bush was heavily influenced by Reconstructionist theology.


Dr. Jerry Falwell endorsed various Reconstructionist books and seemed to support some form of Dominionism though it seems he remained pre-millennial to the day of his death.


Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann dabbled in Reconstructionist Theology.


Former Governor Rick Perry has been known to espouse Reconstructionism.


Senator Ted Cruz also has Reconstructionist leanings.


Popular Pentecostal Pastor Rod Parsley of the World Harvest Church of Columbus, Ohio, is a Dominionist and political activist. He is involved in word faith teachings and totally un-Scriptural “Latter Rain” doctrines. He has a great deal of influence through his televised programs that include faith-healing and some pretty weird stuff. He is not alone as there is a host or “Latter Rain” and “Kingdom Now” adherents amongst charismatics and neo-Pentecostals.


Rick Warren has been identified with the Dominionism.


25 years ago Dominionists targeted the Republican Party, and most recently the Tea Party, for their influence.


Though Pat Roberts has not been identified with Dominionist beliefs, yet he had the father of Dominionism, Rousas John Rushdoony, on his “700 Club” television program numerous times.


Popular Christian film actor and Lordship Salvationist Kirk Cameron has in the past taken a pre-millennial position. But lately he has begun to gravitate toward Reconstructionist groups, especially since the release of the film, “Monumental.” Mr. Cameron has teamed up with Liberty University to produce a film, has spoken there at the school, now known for its compromise and neo-evangelicalism.


American Vision and Vision Forum both lean towards Reconstructionism.


The American Family Association has shown signs of Reconstructionist leanings.


The Chalcedon Foundation was founded by Rousas John Rushdoony as an eduicational organization and the instrument through which Reconstructionism is promoted. The various homeschool groups around the country have been heavily influenced by the late R.J. Rushdoony and the late Paul Lindstrom of the Liberty Christian Academy.


Some Independent Baptists are enamored of David Barton of WallBuilders, a conservative activist who has been highly instrumental in promoting the Christian roots of America and its founding on biblical principles. Though Mr. Barton has promoted many good and helpful things regarding the intent of the founding fathers and has championed non-revisionist American history and patriotism, yet it must be noted that he is a Reconstructionist. He is a graduate of Oral Roberts University, founded by Pentecostal faith healer Oral Roberts. Mr. Barton was a math teacher and principal of a Christian school the ministry of a charismatic church founded by his parents. He has appeared frequently on the hype-charismatic Trinity Broadcasting Network, and has appeared on Mormon apologist Glenn Beck’s program. Independent Baptists would be wise to exercise great caution when it comes to David Barton and Glenn Beck. Men like this wrap themselves in the flag while proffering dangerous heresies. 


IF YOU LOOK IN SOME OF THE MODERN BOOK STORES, it appears that they have gone, as a country boy in Texas used to say for emphasis, "hog wild crazy" over the unscriptural rubbish being poured out in such quantities by Theonomists -Dominionists - Reconstructionists. Those to whom we refer are known by many names, for example they are sometimes called Dominionists, Reconstructionists, Theonomists, "Kingdom Now," SOGM (Sons of God Manifest), Calcedonians, Basileians. And there are several other names one could use for them. While there are various "flavors" or "varieties" of their doctrines among these named groups and others like them, they all, in a very general sense, seem more or less closely related on their teachings and tactics. 

Gary North and his cohorts at Tyler, Texas, seem to be the MOST radical of all the groups, however, I would consider them all to be extreme radicals, most of them willing to go to almost any extent to attempt to "prove their points" or to advance their cause. 

The well-known mail order discount booksellers "Great Christian Books" of Elkton, Maryland, while they sell many worthwhile books at good discount prices, are also heavy promoters and sellers of Reconstructionist-Theonomic books, tapes, etc. 

Prominent publishers of the Reconstructionist-Theonomist materials include Institute for Christian Economics, Presbyterian and Reformed, Wolgemuth and Hyatt, Dominion, Ross House, Geneva, Kingdom, Thoburn, Still Waters Revival, and several others, as well as an occasional volume published by one of the larger commercial or general publishing houses. 

In spite of the fact that MANY Dominionists-Reconstructionists-Theonomists are very extreme Calvinists, yet at the same time they write and speak as if they believe that they must help God get things under control down here on earth, so that the kingdom (their version of it, which I would NOT want to live in) can be set up in order that the King Himself can reign properly (through them, of course!). 

There are many prolific writers among them. Some of the outstanding examples, so far as quantity of materials they publish, would include such men as Gary North, Greg Bahnsen, R. J. Rushdoony, Gary DeMar, Kenneth Gentry, David Chilton, Ray Sutton, Steve Schlissel, George Grant, James Jordan, Peter Leithart, Robert Thoburn, Herbert Schlossberg, the Paulk Brothers of Atlanta, Georgia, etc., and several others. Then there are various others, who while not openly radical dominionists themselves, often write good reviews of theonomic reconstructionist books and generally help the Theonomists along their way. Some of their materials are recommended by such men as Jerry Bridges, John F. MacArthur, and Ernest Reisinger, as well as other well-known names. 


(Mr. David Chilton, one of the more prominent Theonomic writers, suffered a massive heart attack with major heart destruction and extensive brain damage a while back. Although I disagree strongly with much of what he has written or said, he and his family have my sympathy about his physical condition. According to reports, he remains in poor condition at this time, though he did finally come out of the coma he was in for a long time). 


These theonomists, reconstructionists, dominionists, or whatever they may choose to use as a name for their false doctrines, since they have no substantial applicable body of scripture references to support their "peculiar" interpretations, seem to use several other methods to try and make up for lack of Biblical support for their ideas. We shall mention some of their rather "nasty and unethical" methods later. 


Make no mistake, the Theonomists or Reconstructionists consider Pre-millennialists and Pre-millennialism to be their greatest enemies, and they are working all the time to destroy or weaken the standing and strength of those of us who do believe and teach the clearly Biblical teachings of the Premillennial and Pretribulational return of our glorious Redeemer. The Reconstructionist - Dominionist - Theonomist leaders often refer sarcastically to us as "pessi-millennialists," claiming we are defeatist pessimists in our teaching and beliefs. (Copied)


If I have piqued your interest and you would like to have more information, please make your request made known at the aforementioned email address.


Understanding Reconstructionism

(Updated from a Study Presented in 2008)


Part One


There are many fine and sincere Christian people who believe that God has specially ordained America and her elected leaders to subdue, tame, conquer, and inevitably democratize the whole world.  Political neo-conservatives have adopted this "theology" as though it were an absolute mandate from the Almighty.  One well-respected conservative writer recently said of this "theology" that it is "foreign-policy overreaching - the anticonservative delusion that political will can control the world."  One confused theologian recently stated that "neo-conservatives are right in their thought that all nations are more or less ready for democracy, so nation-building must be the primary goal of the west, particularly the United States, in the twenty-first century."  The one-world government doctrinaire of "Globalism," formerly known as "The New World Order," marches on unabated, and many Christian people are being caught up in this dangerous movement giving very little thought to the ramifications of such thinking. 


It appears to me that many of the dear and sincere people associated with what is known as the "religious right" have for their theological platform the tenets of Dominion Theology, also known as Reconstructionism.  Please note here that the "religious right" is dangerously ecumenical in scope and practice.  Most, if not all, Reconstructionists  would predominately hold to a post-millennial or a-millennial view.  There are many variations of Dominionism, but all come to similar conclusions regarding the subduing and theocratizing of the world.  One must wonder who the religious leaders would be who would rule this one-world governmental system.  Think about that for a moment!  (Read Revelation chapter 13)


In order to get an idea, at least to some degree, of what the Dominionists believe, please consider the following quotes:


There is a movement about that is casting a long shadow for its size.  It is known as Reconstructionism, Kingdom Now Theology, Theonomy, and/or Dominion theology, and it is a curious blend of Reformed/Calvinist theology and Charismatic influence.  While there are relatively few who would call themselves Reconstructionists, a number of the movement's ideas have infiltrated the thinking and actions of many professing believers, often without knowing it . . . .


The basic philosophy of the Dominionist is that:


The dominion of the earth is accomplished . . . through political process and social reformation . . . Christ will not (and cannot) return to earth until the church has accomplished this task, so say the dominionists. .. . .


Dominion Theology is postmillennial in its eschatology.  It is believed that as a result of the reconstruction of society by Biblical principles, that the final aspect of the Kingdom of God will be established on earth.  Christ cannot return until a certain amount of dominion is achieved by the church.  It is believed that the curse will slowly be removed as the world is won over.  Even disease and death will be all but eliminated before Christ returns to the earth.  Dominion Theology is preterist in its interpretation of prophecy.  This means that they teach that virtually all prophecies which most Christians believe are still future, have in fact been fulfilled already, mainly between the years A.D. 30 and 70 . . . . Dominion Theology uses an allegorical hermeneutic, especially in reference to prophecy.  So we find that the Great Tribulation took place at the fall of Israel in A.D. 70; the Antichrist refers to the apostasy of the Church prior to the fall of Jerusalem; the Beast of Revelation was Nero and the Roman Empire, etc. . . . ..


Reconstructionists teach that the mission of the church goes beyond the spiritual transformation of individuals, to a mandate to change society, a "moral patriotism," if you will, in opposition to secular humanism.  For Christ to be pleased with Christians, thereby, they must become political and social activists.  We must . . . seek to take dominion over our world and bring it under the Law of Moses . . . .Motivation for godly living, based upon the Blessed Hope - the return of Christ (Titus 2:16) - is replaced with the task of restructuring society.  This cultural mandate to restructure/restore society is a task that may take thousands of years . . . . (This theology refutes, therefore, that precious doctrine we Baptist people hold dear - the Blessed Hope of the soon return of the Savior for the saints at the Rapture, followed by our return with Him at the conclusion of the Tribulation Hour to reign and rule with Him for one-thousand glorious years {Zechariah 14 - Revelation 20:1-6}.  The teaching of the Dominionist refutes that precious doctrine of Imminency - that Christ's return is imminent - ed.)


. . . . The significance of the Reconstructionist movement is not in its numbers, but the power of its ideas and their surprisingly rapid acceptance.  Many on the Christian Right are unaware that they hold Reconstructionist ideas . . . ..


At the heart of Reconstructionist's system of belief is a postmillennial view of eschatology.  Postmillennialists believe that Christ will return to earth in His Second Coming after the Millennium.  Reconstructionism asserts that at creation God issued to Adam a cultural or dominion mandate to subdue the earth on behalf of God and thereby establish the Kingdom of God on earth . . . This mandate was an eternally binding covenant upon Adam and his descendants.   Israel and the Gentiles failed to keep the covenant mandate, just as Adam did.  According to the Reconstructionists . . . during His first coming Jesus "established and restored" the Mosaic Law to full measure as the rule of life for believers as well as society . . . ..


The concepts of the United States as a chosen country . . . is a basic teaching of the Dominionist, Reconstructionist, Kingdom Now or Replacement Theology movements.  There is a form of elitism among these groups, because they see themselves as the heirs to all the promises of Israel . . . .


Reconstructionism is strongly opposed to Dispensationalism . .. . . Reconstructionism accuses Premillenialism of defeatism (seeing no victorious end to history), of regarding the history of the Church as irrelevant, of draining believers of the motivation to develop the Kingdom of God on earth, and of being a product of paganism.  Reconstructionism rejects the idea that the Rapture and the Second Coming will be two separate events at different times.  It insists that the Church will be raptured to meet Christ in the air while He is descending to earth in His Glorious Second Coming on the last day of world history. Reconstructionists are convinced that the great majority of New Testament prophecies, including the Book of Revelation, have already been fulfilled . . . . Reconstructonism declares that the world coming in Revelation never refers to the physical return of Christ to the earth at His Second Coming; it insists that most Biblical references to Christ's coming are to periodic comings of divine judgment upon people and nations during this present age . . . ..


Dominionists believe that, " .. . . the Church will take dominion over the governments and social institutions of the world.  Thus the earth will be prepared for Christ's return .. . .


Dominionists believe that, " . . . it is not possible for Jesus to return until the Church has made the earth "its" footstool.


An additional problem is that followers of Dominion Theology are easy prey for political extremists.  There are those who play upon the concerns of all Christians who naturally desire to see eradicated such evils as abortion, pornography, child abuse, drug dealing, and crime in general.  The fact that many in the "Christian Right" are already united with Sun Myung Moon and the Mormon Church is sufficient reason to suspect that, in the long run, no theocentric form of government will reflect the true biblical pattern for society . .. . .


Gary North, "evangelist" for Reconstructionism and Dominion Theology, said this:  "The eschatology of dominion has once again revived, as it has not since the period of the American Revolution . . . . This is not the end of the world.  The Church is not about to be raptured.  The humanists, occultists, and New Agers are about to see their world ruptured.  This process could be delayed by God's external judgment on the West, but it cannot be delayed until Christ's return in final judgment.  It will happen long before Christ returns in glory."  (Think hard about this statement, my friend!  -ed.)


. . . . It was the Roman Catholic Church that first attempted to take dominion over the government of the earth.  It succeeded to some degree, in that Western civilization came under its control . . . ..


Reconstructionist David Chilton has declared, "A good deal of modern Rapturism should be recognized for what it really is: a dangerous error that is teaching God's people to expect defeat instead of victory." (My brother and sister in the Lord, do you believe having that Blessed Hope of the soon return of Christ is an error and a matter of defeatism?  My soul!  What are people like Mr. Chilton thinking? -ed.)


Charismatic televangelist Pat Roberston, of the Christian Broadcasting Network, apparently believes in some form of Dominionism.  In making reference to the late John Lennon's song, "Imagine," in which Lennon imagined a world of peace wherein there was no religion to engender strife, Robertson went on to describe a utopian society run by a universal church that has somehow subdued an evil society.  Though Mr. Robertson says he believes in a literal rapture, he does not believe that will happen until the Church takes dominion.  Consider the following thought:


What Robertson described is a utopian society based on peace and love.  He evidently fails to understand that no such society can exist as long as men live in corruptible flesh . . . . Even during the Millennium, with Jesus reigning in person, there will be those who rebel against His laws.  That is why He must rule with a rod of iron (Revelation 2:27).  There cannot be, nor will there be, anything like a perfect society until only the saints of God in their resurrected bodies occupy the earth.  That will take place after the Millennium and during eternity in the new heaven and new earth (Revelation 21).  If Scripture does not promise any such society before then, what hope is there that, under the fallible rule of (fallen men), even a substantial portion of sinful humanity will live righteously, voluntarily or otherwise?   (Quotes from J. Beard and A. Dager - "Notes on Reconstructionism" - "Dominion Theology/Kingdom Now/Reconstructionism" - "Kingdom Theology")


In his address before the GOP Convention in New York in 2004, the President made some statements that are indicative of the fact that America has seemed to have joined hands with the Reconstructionist, at least to some degree, and adopted a form of Dominion Theology as the "official theology" of the nation.  Think about these statements made by the President.


". . . . In our world, and here at home, we will extend the frontiers of freedom."


"We will build a safer world and a more hopeful America, and nothing will hold us back."


The front-page headline in "The Riverside Press-Enterprise," dated September 3, 2004, declared, "President lays out second-term goals.  He says America committed to spreading democracy."  On the surface, this sounds like a noble goal.  But consider the subtle Dominionist philosophy therein contained.  There is no doubt that our president, as well as many others in the political realm, has been influenced by a form of, even a secular form of, Dominionist Theology.  President Woodrow Wilson declared that America's destiny was to "make the world safe for democracy."   Therein is seen a subtle Dominionist philosophy.  Generations of administrations have held to that political tenet.  In the current presidential race, though there may be differences between the platform of the presumptive candidates, one thing they have in common is the Wilsonian doctrine of globalism through political Dominionism.   


President Bush issued a 48-page glossy book that described his proposals titled, "A Plan for a Safer World and More Hopeful America."   On the surface this certainly sounds good and commendable, but close scrutiny would reveal that again we are talking about Dominionism in the form of a globalist doctrinaire, and America is thought to be on the cutting edge of this effort to tame and subdue the world.  It is disconcerting to me when national leaders declare that this is to be the destiny of the nation, and God has ordained America as a tool of Reconstructionism. 


As a blood-bought Christian, I do not agree with Globalism, Reconstructionism, Dominionism, Kingdom Now Theology, the Third Wave Movement, Joel’s Army, or what is known as the Latter Rain Movement.  As a Bible-believing Christian, I oppose these things in any form, and I believe there is a political form of all of these false and erroneous doctrinal positions in place today.  I believe that Christian folks today have placed far too much emphasis on the political as the solution to the ills of society and a corrupt and fallen world.  All of this has led to major distraction.  The fulfilling of the Great Commission amongst Christian people today is not the priority it must be.  The answer for sinners is the Saviour!  Many are no longer looking for the soon return of Christ, and no longer have a deep love for His appearing.  Therefore, the Crown of Righteousness cannot be theirs (II Timothy 4:8).  I can remember a time, a precious time, when the soon return of Christ for His Bride dominated our thoughts, our conduct, and our conversation.  Today it seems to be politics and politicians.  What has happened to that Blessed Hope we once dwelled upon (Titus 2:11-15)?  We Baptists have it recorded in our local church statements of faith that we believe in the Doctrine of Imminency, but we have abandoned preaching that doctrine, and have begun to live like Jesus is not coming soon.  Whatever happened to that upward look of expectation?   I believe that because God's people have not had that upward look, two things have overtaken us.  We are not eternity-minded, so we are not preparing for our out-taking.  This has produced a lethargic kind of Christian living that does not produce holiness.  Secondly, revival is being hindered as there is no deep sense of a need for it.  Many of God's people have been side-tracked and have succumbed to the siren-song of earthly answers to spiritual problems.  We must stay on balance in realizing that we, as patriotic Christians, have a part in voting for, and supporting godly men who stand for the kind of biblical values that please the Lord.  But, our hope is not in man, but in the God-man, Christ Jesus!


We read in Titus 2:1, "PUT them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work."  In commenting on this verse, Dr. Harry Ironside shared the following observation:


This of course does not mean that the Christian is to immerse himself in politics.  He will only be defiled if he attempts it, and he will fail in the very thing he is trying to do. Lot could not purify conditions in Sodom by running for office; and many a Christian has found that it was in vain for him to attempt to stem the tide of iniquity by becoming a politician.  But the Christian is to set an example of piety in his civic responsibilities . . . .he should be interested in anything which is for the blessing of mankind.  This, however, does not leave him at liberty to take part in plans and schemes that are manifestly contrary to the Word of God, even though they may be loudly vaunted as for the up-building of humanity.


Someone asked me the other day if I thought that God was on our side, meaning that of our beloved country.  My answer to him was in the form of a question.  I asked him, "Are we as a nation on God's side?"  Our behavior as a nation does not indicate that we are.  We are a sin-sick people growing more and more spiritually destitute by the day.  Christ is the answer - the ONLY answer.  Yes, as a nation, we need righteous, just, godly men who will lead according to the Word of God.  But, Christ is still the answer, no matter who is in public office.  Elected officials come and go.  Societal mores change with every generation.  National policy shifts as often as the wind.  But Christ NEVER changes.  "Jesus Christ THE SAME yesterday, and to day, and for ever" (Hebrews 13:8). 


I have cast my vote, and it is for King Jesus!  He is the King of kings, and Lord of lords!  Amen, and amen!


Part Two 


"For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry" (Hebrews 10:37).


"He which testified these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus" (Revelation 22:20).


As established in part one of this two-part series, Dominionists and Reconstructionists do not hold to sound scriptural eschatology, and are either post-millennial or a-millennial in their theology regarding the return of Christ to this earth.  It is their unscriptural belief that the church, through the formation of a theonomic political state, will subdue the world and take dominion over it in preparation for the return of Christ to a "Christianized" world in subjection to some form of the Mosaic Law. 


Advertised in the September 29, 2004 edition of WorldNetDaily was a book written by Dominionist Gary DeMar entitled, "Myths, Lies, & Half Truths - How Misreading the Bible Neutralizes Christians."  In his treatise, Mr. DeMar says that believing that "we're living in the last days" is a "misconception." But, the Word of God makes it clear that we are living in the last days (II Timothy 3:1 - Hebrews 1:2).  He also says another "misconception" Christians have is that "our citizenship is in heaven."  But, the Word of God makes it clear that is where the Christian's citizenship is (Hebrews 11:8-16).  We are but pilgrims and strangers passing through this wicked old world.  Do we have responsibilities as American citizens?  Yes!  But, this world is not our permanent home.  He tells us that it is a "misconception" for God's people to believe that the Bible says "God's kingdom is not of this world."  Yet, the Lord Jesus said exactly that in John 18:36.  He said, "My kingdom IS NOT of this world . . ."  Mr. DeMar tells us that it is a "misconception" for Christians to say that "Jesus didn't get mixed up in politics."   Well, He didn't!  Many misguided Dominionists would tell us that Jesus was the ultimate political activist!  What are these dear folks thinking?


The advertisement for this book in WorldNetDaily informs us that, "In Gary DeMar's newest book, Myths, Lies & Half-Truths readers will explore in detail the 15 most deadly lies accepted by far too many Christians and Christian leaders."  So, to Mr. DeMar that we are living in the last days is a lie; that the Christian's citizenship is in heaven is a lie; and God's kingdom not being of this world is a lie.  Now, take careful note of this statement made about Mr.DeMar's book.  "These and many more objections are studied, evaluated, and answered in this succinctly written book.  Understanding what God's Word says about these oft-recited but rarely examined challenges to Christian activism will determine the future of Christianity in America and around the world."  So, there you have it!  Believing the Bible regarding those precious truths that Mr. DeMar says are lies means that anyone dissenting is a challenge to "Christian activism," or better put, the dangerous and heretical position of the Dominionists and the Reconstructionists who have set out to reclaim the world through theocentric nation-building.  I may be missing something, but I do not think this is what the Lord Jesus had in mind when He said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15)and, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen" (Matthew 28:19-20).  


In the September 29, 2004 edition of WorldNetDaily, an article appeared written by John W. Chalfant entitled, "Christian Revival in U.S. - can it really happen?"  Introduced as a part of this article is Mr. Chalfant's recent book entitled, "America - A Call to Greatness."  Though there are many true historic facts cited, and though any true American patriot would agree with many of Mr. Chalfant's thoughts, nevertheless Dominionist theology is at the root of his thinking.  His position is that those of us believing in the doctrine of Imminency and biblical eschatology are engaged in what he calls "abandonment theology." 


Is it true that neo-conservatism and the Christian Right are the conduits through which the Dominionist/Reconstructionist groups will work most effectively?  I think unequivocally this to be so.  Unless I miss my mark, most of the radio and TV talk show hosts hold to some form of political, if not religious Dominionism.  Though I would be in agreement in principle with many of their thoughts that uphold sound American values, most are not "old-school" conservatives, nor do I know of a one who is a true, born-again Bible-believer.  We need to take heed to what we hear, and how we hear it.  Just because a man speaks as a Christian, or uses the phraseology of a Christian, ("buzz words") does not mean that he is a Christian, or holds to genuine Christian values.  Keep in mind that one of America's most respected neo-conservative radio commentators is a man with very poor personal character who lost his hearing due to illicit drug use, has had yet another marriage fail and end in divorce, and is certainly not a friend of Bible-believing fundamental Christians.  Why do we trust these guys with so much of our thinking?  


Consider the following thoughts:


Reconstructionism had been of little interest to few outside the evangelical community until the early 1990s, when its political significance began to emerge.  The formation of the Coalition on Revival (COR) has been a key force in the politics of religion.  At the same time that COR provided a catalyst (and a cover) for the discussion, dissemination, and acceptance of Reconstructionist doctrine, these ideas have percolated up through a wide swath of American Protestantism.  COR "is a network of evangelical leaders from every major denominational and theological perspective who share a vision for and a commitment to worldwide revival, renewal, and reformation in Church and society.  COR's basic mission is to encourage and help the universal Church of Jesus Christ to obey God's Cultural Mandate . .. . . COR's mission is to 'help the Church rebuild civilization on the principles of the Bible so God's will may be done on earth as it is in heaven'" (COR' official Internet website, 1/2004).


Beloved, to many sincere Christian folks, this sounds real good.  But, please give the content of what you have just read careful thought.  The "revival" COR is talking about is not a spiritual revival in the Bible-sense of the word, but something quite different.  Think about what COR has said their goals are.  Like most Dominionists, COR has at the heart of its theology the following false doctrinal position:


"The dominion of the earth is accomplished . . . through political process and social reformation . .. . Christ will not (and cannot) return to the earth until the church has accomplished this task . . ."


Now, if you are a Bible-believing Baptist properly trained in the Scriptures, you could not, and would not accept this doctrinal error - this heresy.  But the Dominionists have been busy recruiting their "army," and there are those members of Bible-believing churches who have been lining up with them via political activism. 


Consider again these facts regarding the religio-political agenda of the Dominionist/Reconstructionist:


In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century (1700s and 1800s), many pastors expressed the belief that America would lead the rest of the world in ushering in the Kingdom of God.  As a result, the doctrine of the "Manifest Destiny" was declared by many.  We are seeing that same doctrine today under a different name - Reconstructionist Kingdom, New Dominion Teachings, Restoration Movement.  The proponents behind COR have the same views, with a different twist.  They are scurrying to network all Christians with this movement and their ideas . . . . and they are conditioning the Christian community to accept their ideas to "clean up" so Jesus can return ("COR - Pt. 1, "Bold Truth Press, Fall 1987).


In the theological realm of the Dominionist, any doctrinal position taken that holds as dear and precious the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, and the Pre-Millennial return of Christ with His saints to reign and rule upon this earth with a rod of iron for one-thousand years is called "abandonment theology."  In order to arrive at that conclusion, a great deal of Bible truth regarding eschatology and prophetic utterance must be rejected and set aside.  I am convinced that one of Satan's greatest ploys in this unholy hour is to deceive God's people with a false theology that distracts from the Doctrine of Imminency.  Many are now turning to the earthly-mindedness of political and social answers to the ills of society and the depravity of mankind rather than to the Scriptural answers for fallen man.  Christ, and Christ alone IS the answer!  There is far too much emphasis on political activism on the part of many believers today rather than fulfilling the Great Commission.  I have seen God's people work for political causes and political candidates who never hand out Gospel tracts, witness of their faith, bring folks with them to church, or engage in any measure of personal evangelism.  It is a shame that God's people should have their conversation and thoughts dominated by a political world-view rather than a biblical understanding of the world and its greatest need.  Like most of my readers, I am a patriotic American loving my country with all of my heart.  As responsible citizens, and responsible Christians, we should participate in the electoral process, voting for, and upholding those men who maintain the values that we hold dear.  In all of this we must remember that we will all give an answer at the Judgment Seat of Christ for whom we voted, and what motivated that vote.  We will all give an answer for those referendum issues we voted for or against.  It is an awesome responsibility to be a Christian citizen of these United States, and we had better be careful that we fast and pray about how we vote, and for whom we vote.  The Bible must be our guide. 


Beloved, God is going to foil the agenda of the Dominionist/Reconstructionist, the Kingdom Now folks, and the Latter Rain proponents.  No matter what, Jesus IS coming soon!  He is coming as he said He would, and He is coming right on time, and will not tarry.  "For yet A LITTLE WHILE, and he that shall come will come, and WILL NOT TARRY" (Hebrews 10:37).  Nothing will withhold His coming, and nothing will prevent the establishment of His righteous reign and rule upon this earth.  "Even so, come, Lord Jesus!"


Part Three


“For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water” (Jeremiah 2:13).


Ignoring God is not just dangerous; it is offensive to God.  Notice again Jeremiah 2:13 . . ..” For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water” (Jeremiah 2:13). God says in effect, “You sin against Me in two ways.  First you forsake Me as the essential component of life.  Then you further insult Me by looking elsewhere for a solution.”  The root of this abandonment of God for other solutions is unbelief Thus, most of God’s rebukes to man in the Bible are leveled at their unbelief . . .(Dr. Jim Berg – from “Changed Into His Image”)


Dominion Theology has wrested, twisted, juxtaposed, and perverted the Scriptures in a vain attempt to accommodate all that I believe to be an affront to a holy and righteous God. Reconstructionism does not pass Scriptural muster. It is my humble opinion that the religio-political Reconstructionst movement may well be the greatest deception foisted upon many sincere but unsuspecting believers in both evangelical and fundamental circles of fellowship alike. Political personalities in our day are being accorded celebrity status not too unlike the “rock star” status accorded the larger-than-life personalities of the profane music and entertainment world.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first politician to fully realize the power of the broadcast media, and used radio to very great advantage. Television and radio both in our day have been very artfully used as one of the most powerful tools in history to shape public opinion, both for good and for bad.  John F. Kennedy was sold to the American people via a very carefully orchestrated media blitz.  Richard Nixon, in his dark, moody, dejected state, realized that Kennedy used the media to defeat him, and learned to employ it fully to his advantage in his successful bid for the presidency in 1968.  Pastor Robert Sargent has noted, “In all the kingdoms of man throughout the Times of the Gentiles, the common factor has been the deification of man This began with Daniel 3, is seen again in Daniel 6, and culminates with the worship of the Anti-Christ.”  I believe that America has been duped and deceived into accepting much that is of surface value alone in an age where the media has been cleverly and carefully used to sell politicians and political philosophies that may appeal to a vast majority of Americans.  Politicians can say anything they want to say, but at the end of the day, when they are elected to public office, very little really changes affecting the moral fiber of the nation.  Most folks are content with whatever the media tells them, but few will study the issues for themselves, or carefully research the background and claims of those running for public office.  I would like to ask you how many within modern-day government have truly represented you and your convictions?  How many politicians that you and I have voted for actually fulfilled the promises they made to us when they campaigned for our votes?  How many elected officials at all levels of the political spectrum have actually been true servants of the people, recognizing that their power and authority comes from the express consent of the governed?  I have voted in every election since the Nixon administration, and have yet to see the national march towards globalism in America abated.  We have been on a slippery slope for a very long time, and I feel that Christians have lost their spiritual bearings, looking to political figures and political movements to solve the problems of the nation.  I fear that far too many of God’s people are abandoning sound doctrinal teaching for those “broken cisterns, that can hold no water” as they look elsewhere for solutions to those things that can only be made right by God.  We can never depend on man’s attempted solutions to spiritual problems, nor can we place our trust in kings and princes, nor in chariots and horses.  Our trust must be in the Lord our God alone, and we must couple our outlook with the upward look of expectation. 


To lay a proper foundation for this final article in the series of three, it is important to develop a clear definition of Reconstructionism and the roots of the Reconstructionist movement.  Please take the time to carefully read the following quotes:


Cornelius Van Til is widely recognized as the founder of the group's religious and social theories; Rousas John Rushdoony is acknowledged as the intellectual leader of the group's social and political agenda . . . .  In 1973, scholar and theoretician, Rousas John Rushdoony published an 800 page iteration of the Ten Commandments called "Institutes of Biblical Law" which justifies the Christian Reconstructionist's views of the "Biblical Law" . . . . Reconstructionists draw the majority of their basic tenets and dogmas such as post millennialism and presuppositionalism, from Van Til.  The structure of the movement has taken those beliefs and has further established a politically active world view through which they propose a strategy of winning the world over . . . . The more fundamental aspects of Rushdoony's Institutes, as well as Christian Reconstructionism, include John Calvin's "Institutes of the Christian Religion," a critical work of the Protestant Reformation.  In fact, Reconstructionists view themselves as the heirs of Calvin . . . .


The Dominionist (Reconstructionist) is fully committed to the manifestation of a society here on earth both defined as and controlled by Christians (without Christ in it - the church will bring in the Millennium, they say-Ed.).  The Dominionst assumes the responsibility of asserting this society and maintaining it . . . . Reconstructionists seek the establishment of an order not unlike the example given to man through Moses by God thousands of years ago . . .. . The second theoretical perspective (of) the Reconstructionist movement is Postmillennialism.  Stated simply, postmillennialism asserts the theory that Christ's return will come not before the establishment of the utopia.  The essential statement that the "post" implies a prior action immediately separates the movement from other prominent evangelical movements . . . . Reconstructionists gain their confidence from the predestination ideas of Calvinism . . . . (From and article entitled, "Christian Reconstructionism," author unknown)


 . . . . many fundamentalists have become enamored with Covenant Theology-inspired conservative politics.  The Covenant theologian primarily believes that God is finished with Israeland that all of God's promises, plans and prophetic pronouncements are for the Church.  The Old Testament is becoming more and more the sole text for many Fundamental baptistic preachers' sermons.  The danger of this is that Fundamentalists are expecting America to become more like Israel should have been under the Law . . . . without Jesus Christ sitting on the throne of Jerusalem it is absolutely impossible to have a Christian nation.  Someday this will happen, but we in the Church age have a commission, whether we live in Free America, Iron Curtain Russia, Catholic dominated South America or wherever, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world . . . . One of the supporters of this Reconstruction Movement is an ardent enemy of the doctrine of the Rapture of the Church.  He is Dr. R.J. Rushdoony.  He calls those who believe in the Rapture a Cult.  We believe along with the Apostle Paul in I Thessalonians 4 that of the imminent return of Christ to catch away, in the Rapture, the believing Church.  This takes place before the tribulation.  After Christ will return the Second time to receive believing Israelas His servants and begin His 1,000 year reign over the world in Jerusalem.  America is not Israel, and the Church is not Israel.  The Nations will get worse and worse every year until Jesus Christ comes to destroy them all and set up His own Kingdom right here on earth.  (Pastor Gary Freeman in a article entitled, "Beware of Reconstructionism")


"Dominion Theology" (or Christian Reconstructionism) has as its goal the peaceful conversion of governments to a "theocracy," which bases its civil law on the Mosaic Law of the Old Testament.  However, it is our belief that this is not only an error, but that it is schismatic and heretical too.  For Dominion Theology leads people to exalt the Mosaic Law and to undermine the New Covenant gospel of the grace of Jesus Christ, while working to bring about a fictitious "millennium," based on a Christianised world, which misleads believers concerning the status and experience of the church during the present evil age . . .. Dominion Theology inevitably makes believers less like Christ, that it exalts the power of the civil state above its God-given status, and paints a false picture of both church history and the time of the end . . . . Those who adhere to Christian Reconstructionism or Dominion Theology have devised their own technique for coping with being Christians living in a godless world . . . . They believe that the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) was a mandate for believers to "Christianize" aggressively every national civic institution in the world.  They therefore seek to implement, on an international basis, the judicial laws of Old Testament Israel. . . . We believe that the implementation of this theory would not only represent a serious regression in the process of redemptive history, but that it also illustrates a complete failure to understand the meaning and implications of the advent of Christ and the New Covenant which He has established . . . . If, like the present writer, you have delighted in the piestic writings of the Reformers and the Puritans, which have been so profusely reprinted in recent years, you may not realise that they actually held much in common with the Reconstructionists and Dominionists of today . . . . The primary historical model for the theocratic state of the Reconstructionists is the city of Geneva, as set up by John Calvin in the sixteenth century.  Here all the intolerance of Reforming Protestantism was given its head as Christianity was enforced, by an ecclesiastical policing system, on the entire populace - whether or not they were regenerated people . . . .. In conformity with our exposure of the regressive nature of Reconstructionist theology, Philip Schaff writes: "The moral discipline which Calvin introduced (in Geneva)savours more of the spirit of the O.T. than the Spirit of the New" . . . . Reconstructionists will make the bold claim that Matthew 5:5 - "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth" - proves that believers are mandated to take dominion of the earth now.  But far from supporting the Dominionists' cause, this verse actually proves the opposite.  For it clearly shows that it is not through outward dominion that one will inherit the earth, but through meekness - an inwrought grace of the soul . . . Believers will indeed inherit the earth, but only when it has been renewed, and not before (Rom 8:21; 2 Pet. 3:13).  (From an article by Alan Morrison inDiakrisis entitled, "Backward, Christian Soldiers)


Don't be confused and sidetracked by unscriptural goals and ideals.  By all means, as an individual, vote and, as God leads, participate in the political process.  Do what you can to help your nation be free and righteous, but don't make these activities the focus of the churches.  This world passeth away. Don't confuse present kingdoms with the coming Kingdom.  That perfect nation which men are seeking in this world can only be built by God, and it is promised to those who trust Jesus Christ as their Savior.  The Christian's hope and aspiration has nothing to do with the kingdoms of this world.  We are pilgrims in this present world, and we look for a city to come, a heavenly city . . . . (Hebrews 11:13-16).  (From an article by David Cloud entitled, "A Christian America?")


A theological premise called "Reconstrutionism" (also called Dominion Theology) underlies and supports The New Eschatology.  In this view, The Great Commission (Matt.28:18-20) is understood as a mandate for The Church to gain social and political dominion over the whole earth.  They understand Romans 13:1-7 as establishing the divine authority of The State in all matters, including religion.  The laws of The State are regarded as equal to Divine Commands . . . When The State is seen to act contrary to the expansion and influence of Christendom; this is regarded as divine judgment against the Church for failing to "take over" in the first place. Reconstructionists understand "evangelism" to include SOCIAL ACTIVISM and POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT . . . . The New Eschatology has NO "Great Tribulation," and their Christ will arrive to a relatively stable world, in which ALL the present religious and political bureaucracies are still in power . . . . (From an article entitled, "The New Eschatology")


Certainly God's people should be responsible citizens and participate in the electoral process by voting for, and supporting those candidates and those ballot measures that best reflect Biblical values and righteousness.  We should uphold good men, and elect these kinds of men to public office.  I thank God for the good men we have in public office today, and there surely are a few.  But God's people must never put their trust in man alone, but in the God Who redeemed them and purchased their salvation with the precious blood of His only begotten Son.  God's Word is so clear, and yet we pay so little attention to it.  "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.  It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes"  (Psalm 118:8-9).  Please pause to give thought to the eschatological fact that after the out-taking of the saints, and during the Tribulation Hour, the unredeemed hoards of the earth will look to and literally worship a religio-political personality in the person of the anti-Christ.  They will look to him as their "savior" and their "deliverer," and will trust in the one-world system he will represent (Revelation 13).  For those who place their trust in this man and his system, the results will be eternally catastrophic.  When God's Word is so clear about the last days, I fail to see how many dear folks in our fundamental, Bible-believing churches have fallen for the deception of what appears to be a growing Reconstructionist mindset, that Christianity will somehow reclaim the world system and bring it into dominion and subjection to some form of righteousness and religious conformity.  And that a growing constituency of Christians see it as America's destiny and mission to somehow "Christianize" the world, even by force and through the process of "nation building," scares me a whole bunch!  Where are they going to find justification or any sort of mandate for that kind of thing in the Word of God?   How does America show up in prophecy in this way?  And remember, I am of a warrior caste, so I am not anti-war or a pacifistic in any way, shape, or form.  I am a firm believer in the right of nations to defend themselves against aggression, both foreign and domestic.  I took an oath to defend my country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to uphold the Constitution of the United States and obey the orders of those officers appointed over me.   No problem for me there, so do not misunderstand my position here, please. 


I had a good man say something to me a few weeks ago that caused me some real serious concern.  He said, "No nation will ever be able to defeat America militarily.  We are the most powerful nation on the face of the earth, and no one will ever be able to defeat us on the field of battle.  We are literally unbeatable, and God has ordained that it be so."  When the Titanic sailed from Liverpool, England on her maiden voyage, the owner of this grand vessel, as well as others, impudently said, "This ship is unsinkable!  Not even God can sink her!"  Well, we know the outcome of that arrogance.  Many lives were lost the result of the arrogance of a few.  We, as God's children, would do well to read and re-read Psalm 20:7.  "Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God."  To whom do we look, and to whom do we place our trust?  Though I dearly love my country, and though I have a great love for the military as a former career Navy man, yet I would not be so presumptuous to place my trust in military might or technological prowess alone.  The Bible clearly gives enough examples of mighty nations being overthrown by lesser powers for any of us to think that this could not be possible with America, or any great and powerful nation.  In her death throes of sinful indulgence, our beloved nation has surely placed herself in harm's way. 


The thought that the world is going to somehow get better and better, and the sin nature of man will be subdued and pacified by the legal dominion of Christian leaders who will take control of governments and all major institutions does not comport with Scripture.  The thought that morality and a wholesome society can be legislated and attained through the ballot box and Christian activism is nowhere prescribed or spoken of in the Word of God.  Even more dismaying is the thought on the part of many of the Reconstructionist mindset is that dominionists will eventually bring peace to our society, as well as the whole world.  Consider what Paul was inspired of the Holy Spirit to write to the Thessalonians.  "BUT of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.  For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord cometh as a thief in the night.  For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape" (I Thessalonians 1:1-3).    The prescribed mission of the church in this dispensation is to preach the Gospel!  We are to be a light source in a dark and desperate world experiencing its final death rattle. 


The politcalization of modern Christianity may well be Satan's greatest neutralizing distraction from the main thing, and the main thing is Christ and obedience to Him. The main thing is fulfilling the Great Commission.  The main thing is heavenly preparation.  Conservative politics has become the mantra and the pseudo-Christianity of far too many of God's people. Liberalism is rampant in our society as well, and there seems to be a melding of the two schools of thought as politics grow more pragmatic, and morals change with the cultural climate.  God has not called us to focus on the political realm and man's feeble answers to the world's problems.  God has called us to occupy till Christ comes (Luke 19:13).  The Lord has said, "And, that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.  The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light" (Romans 13:11-12).  Secular governments have come and gone, but the Kingdom of God is eternal.  It is to this Kingdom God's people should look.  "While we look not at things which are seen, but at things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal" (II Corinthians 4:18). Praise God, we look for a city whose Maker and Builder is God (Hebrews 11:10-16).  Let us keep that upward look of expectation!  Beloved, let us who name the Name of Christ reject the Recontructionist, Dominionist mindset and be careful to remain true to the Word of God and Bible prophecy and eschatology that has the mark of God's Spirit upon it.


"Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.  But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived."  (II Timothy 3:12-13)


"NOW we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering again unto him (The Rapture), That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that THE DAY OF CHRIST IS AT HAND.  Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first . . . ."  (II Thessalonians 2:1-3a).