Our Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Requests

Travel schedule - Protection and provision. Open doors for more meetings where God wants us to be.

Our great-grandson, Solomon, had the hole in his heart closed through catherization on July 24, 2014.  The surgery was a success!  Now pray the his lungs would heal so colds don't affect him in a negative way with respiratory distress.

We have moved!  Thank you for your prayers.  We have everything put away (although we have been traveling so much that I can't remember where I put everything!)

Our health -

Paul's health with his GERD disease and other issues.

Linda was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue disease in September, 2012, which requires a gluten-free diet. Please pray for us as this is a challenge while on the road.  Thanks

Revival Thoughts ministry.






Serving on Skid Row in LA
The Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission
Prayer Requests

1.  Need King James Bibles, shampoo, deodorant, razors, shaving cream and toothpast.
2.  Also need underwear of all sizes, t-shirts of all sizes, shoes of all sizes, pants and shirts of all sizes, socks belts soap and bath towels.
3.  Also need finances during this time of great financial need.



























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