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October - November, 2017 Ministry Update

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Mershon Ministry Update

Evangelist Paul Mershon

October-November 2017

Dear Supporting Churches and Praying Friends,

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (3 John 1:2).

The closing days of 2017 are now upon us, and as we reflect back over the year, we are so very thankful for every opportunity the Lord has given us to serve Him, and for the wonderful churches where I have had the privilege of conducting revival meetings. I thank God for each and every opportunity, and for new doors of ministry opportunities that have opened to us this year. Of great personal joy to me has been working with some of the younger pastors coming on the scene today. I have been encouraged by these young men and their zeal for the Word of God and a heart for right doctrinal practice in their respective ministries. It is such a blessing to see these men come on the scene as the older brethren come towards the end of their ministry years. Praise the Lord for each and every one of them as they represent the next generation of leadership.

Linda and I want to take this opportunity to express our sincere and profound thanks for partnering together with us as we travel in the work and ministry of revival. Your support enables us to stay on the road, and makes it possible for us to help those churches that might not ordinarily be able to have an evangelist come and assist them with their ministry needs. You have a very definite part in every soul saved, every believer helped and encouraged, every child of God experiencing personal revival, every pastor helped and encouraged, and every church prayerfully strengthened. We rejoice in God’s goodness to us in providing for our every need at the hand of His people, and we are indeed grateful. Most of all, we are so very thankful for your interceding for us in prayer. That means so much to us.



It was a great personal joy for us to be with Pastor Dave Packard and the people of Great Valley Bible Baptist Church of Lodi, California, for the very first time. Pastor Packard and his family came on board just a few months ago, and the Lord is using him there in a great way. This is his first pastorate so he is on the cusp of the learning curve and making the transition well. It was a pleasure working with him. The meetings were a blessing, and I believe the Lord met with us. I had the joy of seeing Brother Packard come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ under my ministry, and it humbles me to have had a part in his spiritual sojourn over the years. I thank God for him and his family, and expect to see the Lord do great things under Brother Packard’s leadership over the years. He has established a good relationship with other independent Baptist pastors in his area, and this will surely serve him well as he settles in there in Lodi. Interestingly enough, the church is located just doors down from a Muslim mosque, and this has presented the church with some obvious challenges. Nonetheless, GVBBC is a lighthouse for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a dark and needy place. Please pray for Pastor Packard and the work there in Lodi.



It is always a joy for Linda and I to minister to the dear folks at Mountain View Baptist Church. In recent years I have had the blessing of preaching revival meetings there a couple of times a year. Unlike most revival meetings for which I preach, the meetings at MVBC are usually from Sunday to Sunday. This is a church that I can truthfully say is always “revival ready” when we come. Praise the Lord! Over the years we have seen God move in revival in this church, and we were blessed to witness one of the most powerful conversions we have ever seen on the final day of an 8-day revival meeting. I will never forget this man’s coming to Christ, and how he came to Christ, as long as I live. I always thoroughly enjoy coming alongside Pastor John Simmons and times of good fellowship with him. He has been a good friend to us, and we are thankful for him and his family.



It was with great joy that we were invited by Pastor Richard Miller to come and be a part of their fall revival meeting in addition the church’s 29th anniversary celebration. Brother Miller has been serving as pastor of Victory Baptist Church for the past 8 years, following in the footsteps of Brother Schell Smith who served as pastor for 21 years. Brother Smith resigned due to health issues and relocated to Texas. Under Brother Smith’s leadership I conducted revival meetings every year for a number of years. After a hiatus of 11 years, I was invited back to Victory, and praise the Lord for the blessed meetings that we enjoyed. It was good to see old friends after so long a period of time. From the very start of the meetings the presence of the Lord was palpable with many responding at the invitation season with many at the altar each service. To God be the glory for this! The Lord was moving in hearts, my heart included, and I rejoice in how folks allowed the Holy Spirit to move and convict as they responded to the preaching of God’s Word. I might add here that for many years the VBC congregation met in an old church building that they leased, and when they were forced to vacate that facility they rented elsewhere. They prayed for a place of their own, and God heard their prayer. It’s a long story for another time, but I will share with you that God moved upon a man’s heart to purchase an old Church of Christ building and provided it to the folks of Victory Baptist Church. What a blessing! The church has recently remodeled the building and it is very nice and inviting. God is good, and He is good ALL the time!



As always, it was good to “come home” to Central Baptist Church of Clovis, California, where Linda and I were once members. CBC was our sending church for a number of years, and we always have fond memories of this place and the many friends we made when we served there. I enjoy working with Pastor James Woodley, and count it a blessing to have the privilege of ministering to the people of Central Baptist. I am reminded that I preached my very first revival meeting here after stepping out on a fulltime basis. That was one of the most memorable meetings I have preached, and I have many wonderful memories of those early days. We have had some great meetings at CBC since then and always enjoy coming back as the Lord allows us to do so. We had a good time of fellowship after each service, and enjoyed those few days we had with our friends.



It was an honor to be asked to speak for the California Independent Baptist Pastor’s Fellowship once again. I have had the privilege extended to me to preach for some of these meetings a few times over the past couple of years, and truly enjoyed doing so. I shared the pulpit with Pastor Rick Owens and fellow Evangelist Rich Tozour. We had a good group of pastors in attendance and there was a good spirit amongst the men. I enjoyed the messages brought by Brothers Owens and Tozour, and praise the Lord for the opportunity afforded me to share my heart with the men as well. I was so very glad to see some of my San Joaquin Valley friends and enjoy fellowship with them. My longtime friend, Pastor Larry Gibson, hosted the fellowship meeting at Auberry First Baptist Church, and the church provided a wonderful breakfast and barbecue luncheon after the service on Tuesday. It was a blessed time.


For the past few years, Pastor Rick Owens has invited me to speak for special Veterans Day services at Victory Baptist Church of Fresno. This is one of the highlights of the year for us. Brother Owens planted VBC seven years ago, and today it is a thriving, vibrant, exciting work. Many have been saved and added to the church since its inception, and it is truly exciting to see what the Lord is doing in and through this work. There were a number of active duty, reserve, and retired military folks present for the services. Pastor Owens publically acknowledged them all in both the morning and evening services. We also acknowledged the military spouse, the unsung “heroes” of the military family. Fresno is home to the 144th Fighter Wing of the California Air National Guard flying the F-15 Eagle Air Superiority Fighter Aircraft along with U.S. Army Reserve Units. Naval Air Station Lemoore, the West Coast Navy Master Jet Base, is located nearby. We had a wonderful and blessed day with a sweet spirit in all of the preaching services.


I recently saw this photo on a veterans website I peruse from time to time. It greatly moved me as it should you, as it should all of us. No matter what the conflict, we must never forget those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Indeed, we must never forget those they have left behind who live on without that loved one. They have paid a price, too. Those going in harm’s way for this great nation of ours often pay a price that cannot be repaid, but we can remember them and be thankful that there are such valiant people who serve the citizens of the United States of America in such an honorable way. It was General of the Army Douglas MacArthur who said, “The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.”


Addicted to the Ministry of the Saints,

Paul and Linda Mershon

Mira Mesa Bible Baptist Church

San Diego, California

Pastor Willie Del



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