By Martha Martens

Pastor’s wife of Central Baptist Church of Clovis, California


Who are you following? God or self or the world?  The following test will give you the answer to this question!  Source: Ephesians 4 & 5


How do you “walk” in the following areas?


Lowliness – humility                                                       ______  Pride, Self-exaltation                   _____

Meekness – Submission to God & serving others         ______  Self serving                              _____

Longsuffering – “Turn the other cheek”                              ______  Retaliate                                    _____

Forbearing one another in love “Putting up with”                 ______  Easily provoked                          _____

Work at keeping unity & peace of the H.S.                        ______  Causing strife                             _____

Encouraging each other in love (includes family)               ______  Criticizing                                   _____

Walk in Truth (of God’s Word)                                         ______  Follow own ideas                        _____

Moral Integrity                                                                ______  No moral restraint                       _____

Righteous (holy) living                                                     ______  Uncleanness w/ greed                 _____

Renewed in your mind (through God’s Word)                    ______  Deceitful lusts                             _____

Speak Truth (according to God’s Word)                            ______  Lying, deceptive, dishonest         _____

Even tempered                                                               ______  Stay angry (irritated)                   _____

Willing to work                                                                ______  Expect “handouts”                      _____

Pure conversations (come from a pure heart)                    ______  Corrupt conversation                   _____

Submit to the Holy Spirit                                                 ______  Rebellious                                 _____

Kind, tenderhearted, quick to forgive                                ______  Bitter, wrath, anger                     _____


Chapter 5

Follower of God                                                              ______  Ignore God’s instruction             _____

Be a “dear” child of God                                                  ______  Bring shame to God                   _____

Walk in love “as Christ loved us”                                      ______  Dislike, hate, be rude                 _____

Morally pure                                                                   ______  Fornication & Impure                  _____

Be content or satisfied                                                 ______  Covetous, wanting more          _____

Gracious speech                                                            ______  Filthiness, shameful speech        _____

Give a good report                                                          ______  Foolish talk, gossip, evil               _____

Careful with remarks                                                       ______  Jesting, quick retorts, making

                                                                                                    light of sin                                _____

Give thanks – redeemed tongues should be                     ______   Unthankful, ungrateful, complaining_____

         thankful tongues                                                                                                


How do you develop these qualities?  Follow these guidelines from Eph. 5:10-21


1           v. 10     Prove what is acceptable to the Lord.  Whatever you can’t pray about and ask God to 

                        bless, you should leave alone.   Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

2          v. 11     Have no fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness.  What you wouldn’t do with Jesus

present, DON’T DO!

3          V,14     Be awake spiritually.  V. 15  Watch what’s happening & walk carefully.

4          v. 16     Redeem the time – use your time for that which is best not just good.

5          v. 17     Understand what the will of the Lord is for you.

6          v. 18     Be filled with the Holy Spirit (controlled by the Holy Spirit.)

7          v. 19 – 21 Our music will be affected by whether we are spirit-filled or not.

                        The messenger of our songs – should be spirit-filled.

                        The movement of our songs – should be upward to the Lord and not outward to people.

                         The motive of our song – will be expressing thanks to God our Father.

                        The manner of our song – will show a proper fear and respect for a Holy God.

The key to all of the above is found in Colossians 3:16.  “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching & admonishing one another in psalms & hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord!