Distinctly Baptist with a Bible Balance
An unaffiliated biblicist Baptist evangelist sent out
           under the authority of
the local church to the local church.









Evangelist and Mrs. Paul Mershon
Preaching the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of revival as the only hope for America. 
"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" Ps. 85:6

Honoring our military personnel,
faithfully protecting our freedom.

"They that go down to the sea in ships,
that do business in great waters;
These see the works of the LORD,
and his wonders in the deep."

Psalms 107:23-24

Bro. Mershon at his spiritual birthplace aboard the
USS Midway (CV-41)

Spiritual birthday - April 7, 1974






The Mershons with Missionary Church Planter,
Greg Hocson and his wife Edna.
Please pray for the Hocsons
as they establish a new church plant
sent out of Mira Mesa Bible Baptist Church.
Their first Sunday was June 1, 2014 in Murrieta, California.  They are meeting at Rail Ranch Elementary School. The picture below shows the people who came on to their first service.


We now have our latest Newsletter on the website - Spring - 2015.

San Diego Area Church Information





Mershon Family
"What Gets in Your Way?" by Jennifer Wood


Guest Articles

By Evangelist Paul Mershon
"Dealing with Disappointment"





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